Wednesday, January 5, 2011

More Animation

Shots from projects I worked on last year in high school.


  1. Wow, dude your stuff is amazing very nice character acting, i think its safe to say that you're getting into call arts :P

  2. Amazing stuff!!! shouldnt be a problem getting in! congrats on being awesome.

  3. Wow, amazing work! You'll definitely be accepted at Call arts, if someone with these animation skills don't no one could.

    Where did you learn to animate this good?
    I'm a 2nd year animation student myself at a Dutch academy, but I haven't even got animation skills that come close to yours...

  4. Very crazy man. Did you see that they shared your tests on The Pencil Test Depot? Good reasons there. Good luck with the university adventures and I'll definitely be keeping an eye on your blog!

  5. Wow...I wish my high school had offered classes in animation...or did you do this on your own? Some CalArts graduates aren't as good as this, great stuff man. I'm also awaiting a reply from them for next year, maybe I'll see you around?

    Nowhere near as good as you, but if you have a second, check out my stuff!

    best of luck!

  6. High School!!!

    How the hell did you learn this in high school.

    your gonna be the new milt kahl

  7. Dude, awesome!!
    Question! Which software do you use to animate?

  8. nice work, hah im glad im not trying to be an animator.